What's going on... in Hungary🇭🇺?

Victor Orban's challenger / #28

The Story

Peter Marki-Zay - the man who wants to become Victor Orban's successor.

Looks like a big challenge.

He took the first big hurdle at the weekend. He won an opposition primary run-off to pick Hungary Prime Minister Victor Orban's challenge. National elections will be held next year. Marki-Zay’s opponent this weekend was 49-year-old Klara Dobrev, a European lawmaker, leftist, lawyer and economist, who promised to raise taxes for the rich and reduce a widening wealth gap.

Does Mr. Marki-Zay have a chance of winning against Orban?

For the first time, Victor Oban faces a united front of diverse opposition parties in the 2022 election, including six political parties ranging from far-right to socialists to environmentalists, all united against Orban and his Fidesz party. Peter Marki-Zay will now lead this coalition as their top candidate. 

Who is this man?

He is a Hungarian small-town mayor who came to prominence when he won a 2018 mayoral contest in his hometown (Hódmezővásárhely), taking over Fidesz stronghold. Marki-Zay has no party affiliation and mobilised hundreds of thousands of voters tired of Orban's nationalist government. The 49-year-old Catholic has seven children and degrees in economics and engineering. 

What politics does Marki-Zay stand for?

He is looking to improve relations with Brussels and favours Hungary adopting the euro in the foreseeable future. He describes himself as a right-wing Christian and a disappointed Fidesz voter.

The Upside

Orban's nationalist government will face a united front of opposition parties: a good sign for Hungarian democracy.