What if every problem in Europe had a solution? If every bad news led us to look for ways to do better in the future? What if we all tried to make Europe a better place?

European Traveller wants help to create a better future. First, by looking at the present. By making sense of this diverse continent Europe with its forty-four countries, twenty-four official languages (in the European Union alone), and countless cultures. This mailing is doing this step by step. With one story a day. Every day, from Monday to Friday. With each piece a comprehensible five-minute reading

But European Traveller is not only about understanding. It is also about looking at things from a different perspective. It is about focusing on what is good and how to improve what isn't.

Therefore European Traveller is different from current news publications in two essential points: First, it not only looks at problems but also at positive developments (each mailing ends with the paragraph “The Upside”). Second, where there are problems, solutions are always sought.

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